HCS_Frederik-HP-2Frederik Hettich

Film director and art director Frederik Hettich has been the proprietor and CEO of I.MOTION FILM GmbH in Munich for many years now. He gained his international experience as a producer and director of commercials for major international brands.

For several years he was a board member of Webmotion AG as its COO, where he gained experience in the development of IT structures and database systems, and also organized online marketing. Frederik Hettich is now CEO of HCS.

HCS_rued_1Rüdiger Lehmann

Branding specialist, journalist and author Rüdiger Lehmann has worked as an entrepreneur for numerous brands over the past 30 years. This international brand work took him to agencies, marketing companies and firms such as Bertelsmann, Audi and Lufthansa.

He is a known specialist in online content marketing and cross-media. At HCS, CMO Rüdiger Lehmann is responsible for PR, concept marketing and brand management.

HCS_Foto_GerhardGerhard Wüst

Financial expert Gerhard Wüst has worked for more than 25 years as an independent contractor in all areas of tax law, with a focus on corporate taxation. He has a wealth of experience in servicing mid-sized clients, from start-ups to the use of venture capital. At HCS, CFO Gerhard Wüst is responsible for corporate, financial and tax issues.


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