Want to make the world safer? And is that why you’re interested in investing in our project? Then you can choose between the following forms of investment:

Silent partnership

Become part of the success of HCS by participating as a „silent partner“. Even with a minimum deposit of 5000 € you get a fixed interest rate of 5,5% per year. And if the HCS project is successful, after the balance sheet we guarantee you an additional dividend of 6% on your partner deposit.

In figures, for a deposit of 5,000 €, these are:

• in any case, a fixed interest rate of 5,5% = 257 €, and
• in case of winning, 6% of the investment amount = 300 €

The mutual rights and obligations are specified in a contract for the establishment of the silent partnership. And since what grows should not be disturbed, early return of the deposit is not possible. It can only be realized over a minimum participation period of 5 years.

At the same time you can help with your deposit to support victims of attacks, by establishing right now which part of your fixed fee or the profit share of HCS should be directly donated to charities on your behalf.

Participation in the HCS Company

Talk to us. We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities of an investment for a direct partnership with you. We also include your ideas about participation.

After agreement, in a confidential conversation, we present you with the product concept, the international marketing strategy and the enormous success prospects of our other future company projects.

You can reach us via the following contact form
by email or by phone on 0049.89.3866510

We’ll contact you right away.

Let’s make the world safer.


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